Heywood Hill

A literary landmark in its own right, generations of writers, readers and collectors from across the English-speaking world have loved our little shop as an outpost of civilisation and a place where good writing and beautiful books really matter.

Situated on two floors of a Georgian townhouse, Heywood Hill sells new, old, and antiquarian books as well as producing catalogues on numerous themes. The emphasis remains literature, history, architecture, biography and travel as well as keeping a¬†children’s departmentwell-stocked with the best new and classic titles.

First and foremost our shop is about the enjoyment of books. We are always interested in which books or writers an individual customer has most enjoyed. The more we get to know someone and their reading tastes the more tailored our service then becomes, and the more we can help customers discover something unexpected or perfectly suited to them.


10 Curzon Street




Katie Meynell
M: +44 (0)20 7629 0647
E: [email protected]