Selection Committee Spotlight – Jo LeGleud, Co-Founder, Maddux Creative

Jo LeGleud, Co-Founder, Maddux Creative

Jo Le Gleud started her career as an embroiderer working with fashion houses and small designer makers, before meeting Scott Maddux on a dancefloor in 1996. A shared love of bold colour, a deep passion to articulate a story and a point of view led to the creation of Maddux Creative. Jo’s talent for sourcing the perfect pieces to complete a project and enhance a space, coupled with her extraordinary skill for making her own unique pieces adds an edge to every Maddux Creative project. Together, Jo and Scott have created an award-winning studio which delivers multi-layered, sensory experiences in their interiors, which sits at the heart of their design philosophy. Regularly asked to speak by leading design publications and industry events, Jo’s reputation as one of the leading voices of the UK design scene is indisputable.


  1. What motivated you to join the 2023 LAPADA Berkeley Fair Selection Committee?


My motivation to join the 2023 LAPADA Berkeley Fair Selection Committee stems from the appreciation of its commitment to quality, the allure of its unique offerings, and the profound inspiration it provides to me as an interior designer. Contributing to an event that celebrates excellence, diversity, and the transformative power of design is a privilege I am eager to embrace.


LAPADA Berkeley Fair’s unwavering commitment to quality is remarkable. The fair has established itself as a premier platform that showcases only the finest art, antiques, and collectibles. The meticulous vetting process ensures that each exhibitor meets the highest standards of authenticity, craftsmanship, and historical significance. This dedication to quality resonates deeply with me as an interior designer, as it aligns perfectly with my own values of seeking excellence in every aspect of design.


The fair’s ability to bring together a diverse and unique range of offerings is a major source of motivation for me. The LAPADA Berkeley Fair consistently presents a curated selection of items that span various styles, periods, and origins. This variety not only enriches the experience for collectors and enthusiasts but also offers endless possibilities for interior design projects.


The prospect of discovering rare and exceptional pieces that can serve as focal points in my design work is incredibly exciting and inspiring. I constantly seek fresh ideas and unique elements to incorporate into our projects. The LAPADA Berkeley Fair serves as an invaluable source of inspiration in this regard. The carefully curated displays and innovative booth designs showcase the potential of blending historical pieces with contemporary settings. Witnessing these harmonious combinations fuels my creative spirit and allows me to envision how these exquisite items could transform spaces into showcases of individuality and refinement.


  1. As a judge for the LAPADA Fair’s Best Stand and Object Awards, what specific qualities are you seeking in a winner?


I will be looking for entries that excel in originality, rarity, and an avant-garde presentation. The stand and object/s should not only stand out individually but also come together harmoniously to create an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of exceptional craftsmanship, historical importance, and forward-thinking design.