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When I’m considering what to take to this year’s LAPADA Fair at Berkeley Square, it’s not as easy as you first think. I like to provide the visitor with a variety of pieces that work well within our lifestyle today. Anything I buy must be of superb quality and of great design. I believe I still have the approach of the old-fashioned dealer; this is because I buy what I like and hope someone else will have as much appreciation for it as I do. Very seldom do I buy a piece because it’s inexpensive. So, I buy with my heart, not with my pocket.  

The article I’m focused on at this point happens to have a great provenance as it was made by a London firm, White, Allom and Company, which was founded by Sir Charles Allom in 1902. The company had offices at 29-30 Old Burlington Street in Mayfair and specialised in historic and classical interior decoration and fine furniture. 

The piece I have was made for HM Queen Mary. It has her applied monogram, VM (Victoria Mary). The item is collectively known as an etagère, which is a small, tiered table. This Royal article is beautifully made and decorated with fine gilt metal mounts, and the wood is satinwood and parquetry veneered.  

We know it’s from the Royal household as it is branded on the underside of the table and also bears a brass plaque made by British Workmen for HRH Princess of Wales 1906. Messrs White, Allom & Co. 

Wearing my business and commercial hat, if an article works in today’s lifestyle, then for me it’s a saleable article. What is more desirable than a small and very attractive table which can be placed almost anywhere in the room and with a wonderful story to pass on? Now all I need to find is a new owner with the same initials, VM! 


Lennox Cato

(Deputy Lieutenant of Kent)

Lennox Cato Antiques