Selection Committee Spotlight – Kelli Ellis, Interior Designer & Senior Vice President, Ronati

Kelli Ellis, Interior Designer & Senior Vice President, Ronati

Kelli Ellis is an award-winning International Designer, Host, Speaker, Artist, and Author of the best-selling book Do I Look Skinny in this House? Kelli stars in The Design Network’s Extravagant Spaces, Design Therapy, and MidMod: Then and Now. In tandem with her international projects, Kelli is the SVP of Operations & Industry Relations for Ronati, working with Designers, Antiques, and Art dealers world-wide based in Europe and CA.

1. What motivated you to join the 2023 LAPADA Berkeley Fair Selection Committee?

I have enjoyed attending the fairs in London over many years, as a designer and a Ronati executive, meeting incredible dealers. Getting to know dealers from all over the UK and getting to see their inventory first-hand is irreplaceable. I´ve been so impressed with the merchandising and aesthetic of their stands – joining the Committee is an honour.

2. As a judge for the LAPADA Fair’s Best Stand and Object Awards, what specific qualities are you seeking in a winner?

As a designer, I will be assessing whether the dealer has thoughtfully grouped items, considered the scale of their inventory and utilised their stands well.