Selection Committee Spotlight – Shalini Hinduja, Interior Designer, Hinduja Group

Shalini Hinduja, Interior Designer, Hinduja Group

Since 2015 Shalini Hinduja has been fully involved in the development of the Old War Office into a Raffles Hotel and 85 branded residences, including 11 F&B outlets and a wellness spa working with all stakeholders involved including architects, designers and hotel operators. She has been actively involved in business development and the rebranding of the destination to “The OWO”.

She was independently responsible for the Art strategy for the Development and has built a significant art collection for The OWO through direct artist commissions as well as collaborations with British galleries and institutions. Shalini also led the project to write a new contemporary history of the building on Whitehall.

She is a member of the Sotheby’s Council, and from 2021-3 she was an independent director on the board of the Accor Acquisition Company (AAC). Shalini has also been on The Tate South East Asian Acquisition Committee for a few years until 2020.

1. What motivated you to join the 2023 LAPADA Berkeley Fair Selection Committee?

As part of the Art engagement on my current project, I was selected as one of the Jurors for a Sculpture competition in collaboration with Frieze. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of looking through all the submissions. It is important to ensure that each work is given fair consideration. Every member of the committee will have a different perspective on the artworks depending on their background and experience. I am looking forward to an open discussion with other committee members whereby we can share our own unique way of looking at the pieces.

2. As a judge for the LAPADA Fair’s Best Stand and Object Awards, what specific qualities are you seeking in a winner?

The qualities I am looking for in the Best Stand is that of a well thought out curation of artworks or objects which are placed together in harmony. Even if there is an object of greater value or significance, it must not steal the attention from other pieces and the visual impact of the placement should be uplifting and positive. The stand should not be over-cluttered but it must convey a theme, or a purpose to link the displayed pieces.
The Best Object needs to be the item that any visitor to the show has noticed. The piece that would lift the space it will live in, because of its aesthetic quality or unusual and priceless nature. It may have been made using unusual techniques, or has a special design which draws the eye.